Hot Belly Mama’s, Peterborough, April 28, 2018

It was a chilly evening in Peterborough, but the atmosphere at Hot Belly Mama’s was anything but; Ptbo’s legendary cajun eatery wajumping like a chili bean in a pan for this wedding! I was delighted to be able to officiate for this great couple.  It was a short, sweet ceremony, but still pretty emotional.  The bride had a daughter from a previous relationship, and they wanted to include her in the ceremony in some way.  So after the couple made their vows, the groom made his own pledge of love and protection to the daughter, and presented her with a beautiful silver necklace.  It was a lumpy throat moment, but just perfect.

I like to have some fun with my ceremonies, but not lose sight of the fact that what we’re doing is a serious thing.  This was something of an emotional roller coaster, where people were, quite literally, laughing and crying at the same time.  Best kind of wedding, in other words!  What a talented couple – the groom is a published author, and the bride is a brilliant wedding photographer in her own right.  So, not much performance pressure for the officiant or photographer…  I think you’ll agree that Jess Lee did an awesome job on these gorgeous pics, even in the super low light.

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