Toronto Music Garden, June 2nd, 2018

Toronto’ waterfront music garden is a lovely wedding venue. Mathieu and Megan got married there (by me!) on Saturday, under a big willow, while passersby wandered by and a troupe of many ages practiced therapeutic interpretive dance on the hill.  This was a classic nano-wedding, with just the bride and groom, an officiant, and two witnesses and their small child, who kept taking headlong runs at the lake! Eek, indeed.

With the CN tower, Lake Ontario and the world renowned Canada Maltings building as backdrops, this was an iconically, almost ironically, Toronto experience!  Mat and Meg were great, lots of fun, and super laid back.  I’m thinking that I really like a laughter to tears ratio of about 8 to 2, and that’s pretty much what we got here!  Lovely people, lovely wedding.

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