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Babies are small, but they really do change everything. For new parents it’s a momentous transition, as they switch roles and take on new responsibilities. For the babies themselves, well, they are quite literally entering a whole new world!  For friends and family it can be a recalibration of relationships.  It’s as though the universe is subtly shifting to accommodate the new life in it!

They are joyous occasions, tailored to your beliefs and ethics

Welcoming a newcomer to the family affirms your love and commitment to that child’s wellbeing. Introducing them by name to the people who are going to become the furniture of their lives, grounds them in a community.  When we form family and friendship bonds in a naming ceremony, we are planting the seeds of stories that will grow with us throughout our lives.

A humanist naming celebration is a great option for those who don’t wish to hold a religious service.  They are joyous occasions, tailored to your beliefs and ethics and conducted at a place of your choosing.  It may be at your home, in the park, at the zoo, anywhere at all!  They can also be held whenever you feel the time is right; after a week, a month, a year. It’s entirely up to you.

If your new arrival has been adopted, it can be a good idea to formally recognize their heritage in the ceremony, particularly if it’s a sensitive or cross-cultural situation.

Welcoming and naming celebrations are typically joyous occasions for family; less stressful than weddings and a great time to relax and blend family and friends. It’s also a great ceremony to consider if you wish to appoint greenparents.

Greenparents? Informal ethical mentors – like godparents, but without the religious overtones!

I’ll be delighted to work with you to create and deliver a baby naming / welcome to the world ceremony. To discuss ideas, please feel free to contact me!