Spruce silhouetted against a summer sky of leaves in Peterborough County. Modern Rituals

Wedding Resources

Second Story Wedding Shop

For those planning a dream wedding, on a limited budget.
Check out the great selection of new and used dresses at Tanya Chute’s super friendly shop, centrally located on Charlotte St, Peterborough.




Warmly handsome rings made from maple and koa. Touch Wood Rings.

Touch Wood Rings

Looking for beautiful, sustainable and stainable, and ethically produced rings?  Nicola and David Finch at Touch Wood Rings have been creating stunning handmade rings, from wood, stone and crushed shell, from their home at William’s Lake, BC.  If you’ve never seen their work, you will be blown away at the beauty of these rings!




Green Weddings at Camp KawarthaCamp Kawartha

For the environmentally conscious, outdoorsy type, award winning Camp Kawartha is an amazing venue for unforgettable green wedding experiences, from September until mid-June.  Located on the banks of beautiful Clear Lake, you and your party of up to 125 people will have exclusive use of the 185 acre site.  And you can upgrade your feel good factor with the knowledge that your facility rental fee supports environmental and outdoor programs for children!  Find out more about what they offer in their Green Wedding Guide


Government Resources


Ontario Humanist Society
If you’d like to find out more about Humanism, head on over to the Ontario Humanist Society. Once there, you’ll find links to regional organisations. They tend to be active with regular meetings, discussions, speakers, and more.